About Me

Hello, I’m Greg. Thanks for taking a moment to visit my small contribution to the web.

My daughter snapped this shot of me recently at one of her favorite cafes.

I’ve officially hit middle age, I’m married to an absolutely beautiful, fierce and intelligent wife who I couldn’t live without, and I’m blessed to be dad to 2 fantastic kids.

Over my four and a half decades on this planet I’ve seen a thing or two, been a place or two, done a job or two, loved a person or two, and learned more than a lesson or two.

This site is a place for me to explore and share my thinking about some of the great passions in my life:

  • teaching
  • writing
  • leading
  • coaching
  • family.

My professional life has always revolved around leadership. I had the privilege of teaching general science, biology, and humanities courses to Jr. and Sr. High School students in Alberta, Canada for almost two decades. For five of these years I served as the Humanities Department Head at a fantastic High School in Central Alberta. Currently, I am honored to lead the amazing Technology Services Team of a mid-sized Alberta public school jurisdiction.

Me before I was “middle aged”.

If you’re trying to find me away from the office, look on your local football field or in one of Alberta’s many great indoor hockey arenas. I absolutely love coaching and have coached at all levels of football from U10 to Sr. Men; recreational to elite levels. My hockey coaching journey began in ’95-96 with the Atom NW Hawks out of North Edmonton. I am still coaching hockey and football today and love the opportunity this provides me to stay connected to our youth and do my small part to pass on my passion for sport and leadership development.

My Central Driving Belief

“Cum Sis Fortis, Fortis Ego Sum”, which roughly translates to …

“When You are Strong, I am Strong.”

Three generations of Esteves men sharing strength. Grateful for my family’s legacy and hopeful as my children carry this legacy into the future.

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