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I absolutely love coaching. Though it comes in at a clear second place to spending time with my beautiful wife and wonderful kids, coaching has been a source of challenge, inspiration, purpose, and joy in my life. For me, there’s nothing quite like working with a team of players, parents,

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#Epic DadsFamily

As dads we have a profound influence on the story that takes root in the hearts of our sons. Our boys look to us for guidance, wisdom, and the occasional wisecrack as they toil to pen their own life story and develop into the strong and caring men we know

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FamilyLeadershipLeadership Challenge

One of the best parts of my day job is that it provides me ample opportunities to learn about, put into practice and reflect on a variety of ideas about leadership.  As a leader in my organization I am privileged to work with and serve some fantastic people who inspire

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FamilyHabits of Mind

Every parent can describe at least one moment that stands out in their memory as a time where their kids demonstrated true and unbridled curiosity. Some of my greatest memories of my kids’ curiosity have come at the most unexpected times and in the simplest and most pure of circumstances

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